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Discover APPS by AFTER-MOUSE.COM, a download platform for interactive applications


A world premiere for motion recognition, APPS is a download platform that offers a large range of both touch screen and motion recognition based applications starting at $500 excl. tax and available for immediate purchase and instant use.

Choose among the twenty packaged applications available in APPS to find the one that best suits your needs. You can search through two categories of products: business and games. The business range includes solutions for all industries: an interactive menu for the hospitality sector, a collaborative tool to simplify exchanges within or between companies, an application dedicated to real estate agencies are just a few examples of what can be found on APPS. Most importantly, APPS includes several applications using the motion recognition technology and offering a totally new experience as no physical contact is needed. All kind of games that are suitable for all ages are also available on APPS. These games can be integrated in various places: hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, conferences, exhibitions, amusement parks, casinos, stores, etc. Whatever industry you are in, you will find an application that fits your needs in APPS!

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The selection available on this website reflects the experience AFTER-MOUSE.COM has acquired over the past two years, working with both big accounts and SMEs such as Audi, Vodafone, Accor or Fnac. Applications are compatible with Microsoft® Surface® 1.0, Samsung SUR40 (Microsoft® Surface® 2.0), Windows 7/8 and Kinect™ for Windows (PrimeSense's technology). The website is easy to use and allows you to purchase, download and install any application instantly.

Discover APPS now at and download your first touch screen game for free! Pong'Touch is a multi-touch and multi-user game enabling up to four players to pass balls around a virtual table-tennis design on Windows 7 and Microsoft® Surface® 1.0 and 2.0.

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